13 Amazing Ice Cream Creations You Should Try Before It’s Too Cold.

Well, Summer is officially over and even though it might still feel a little stuffy outside, winter will be here in no time to get its cold clutches on all of us. 

So, before that happens, we recommend embracing the sweet side of this lingering warm weather with some of these impressive confectionery concoctions.

1.) “Baked Potato” Ice Cream

Found at Cowgirl in New York City, they use vanilla ice cream dusted with chocolate for the potato then top it with whipped cream, cookie crumbles and frosting “butter.”

2.) Ice Cream Ramen

This is actually exactly what it sounds like: Kikuya, a restaurant in Tokyo, offers classic ramen soup topped with a soft serve ice cream cone split in half. Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and coffee.

3.) Ice Cream “Bagel”

WD~50 in New York City is known for whimsical chef Wylie Dufresne’s one of a kind creations. This bagel flavored ice cream is shaped into a mini-version of the NYC deli favorite and served as an amuse-bouche.

4.) The Fish ‘n’ Chips Ice Cream Sundae

Londoners apparently love their fish and chips so much they’ve created an ice cream version of it over at George’s Portobello Fish Bar. The odd dessert consists of creamed cod ice cream coated with vanilla-pepper batter, then fried and served over a bed of potato ice cream fries.

5.) The Vermonster

Arguably the most famous ice cream makers, Ben & Jerry’s offers this massive mound consisting of 20 scoops of ice cream (your choice!) topped with hot fudge, sliced bananas, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and any other topping your sweet tooth requires.

6.) The Great Pyramid

This Massachusetts establishment scoops 60 pints of you choice of ice cream over their pyramid foundation and pile on 12 quarts of whipped cream, nuts, cherries and other toppings on top. Perfect for you and 174 of your best friends!

7.) The Federal Deficit

This ginormo creation at Governer’s Restaurant in Old Town, Maine combines their specialty ice cream flavors, brownie delight, strawberry shortcake, and banana split, along with six additional normal sundaes. All of that is then topped with topped with hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, marshmallow, jimmies, nuts, and whipped cream. Wow.

8.) Hot Fudge Volcano

According to the menu at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour in Santa Clarita, California, this dessert is meant to feed 1 to 10 people, but it’s difficult to imagine someone taking this all on their own. They start with 30 scoops of vanilla ice cream, then topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries and served with its own firework display.

9.) Famous Original Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Holey Cream in New York City combines two tasty treats by stuffing one of their freshly baked donuts with your choice of ice cream flavor for a truly delicious dessert.

10.) Ice Cream Pizza

Emack & Bolio’s creates this twist on a traditional pizza by using a brownie crust, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow topping, stars and moons sprinkles, raspberry-filled chocolate hearts, and a groovy chocolate peace sign righ the middle.

11.) The World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae

Three Twins Ice Cream in California is a small shop with a big reputation for the most expensive sundae ever created. The owners ask that you call a day in advance so they can arrange a cellist to play at your table while you enjoy the luxury dessert.

12.) World’s Most Expensive Popsicle

It may look like something your kids made in the freezer, but it’ll cost you a whopping $1,000 for a taste of this popsicle. Found in Mexico at Marquis Los Cabos Luxury Resort, the frozen treat is made of Tequilas Premium Clase Azul Ultra (which costs $1,500 a bottle), edible gold flakes and a dash of sugar to sweeten it up.

13.) The Golden Opulence Sundae

Serendipity 3 in New York City is most known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate, but this option will set your wallet back a bit more. For $1,000, diners can partake in the Tahitian vanilla ice cream made from Madagascar vanilla beans mixed with chunks of Chuao chocolate from Venezuela and topped with Amedei chocolate sauce, gold-covered almonds, 23-carat gold leaf, and sweet caviar.

(H/T: Huffington Post.)

Now all you need is a very big spoon.

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