18 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

Because 2015 is the year you’ll stick to your resolutions.

1. Nicole Warne – @garypeppergirl


Nicole runs the amazing Gary Pepper Girl blog and seems to have the coolest life ever. Though she originally hails from Australia, her Instagram will take you all over the world, inspiring your next adventure and showcasing the coolest travel spots from around the globe.

2. Jess Robinson – @lazygirlfit


Jess is a trainer who focuses on short and simple workouts that anyone can do with very basic equipment. Her Insta is filled with inspirational quotes, exercise demonstrations, and delicious-looking healthy food.

3. Jessica Stein – @tuulavintage


Named after the Finnish word for wind (‘tuula’), this Instagram is about wanderlust and wardrobe, and will inspire you to open your eyes to the beauty of the world we live in. Jessica is a style blogger who exudes effortless chic at all times.

4. Erica Domesek- @psimadethis


Literally everything on this Instagram is something that you can MAKE yourself. From bags to skirts and shoes to jewellery, P.S. I Made This is a perfect place for anyone who’s always dreamed of being crafty but has no idea how.

5. Loni Jane – @lonijane


Loni is possibly one of the healthiest people on Instagram, and is all about raw, vegan food without compromising taste. Her huge salad bowls will never fail to make your mouth water and her constant stream of photos will inspire you to embrace a wholesome diet.

6. National Geographic Travel – @natgeotravel


We all know about National Geographic, but did you know that they have a kick-ass travel Instagram account? Their photographers visit every corner of the globe, showing us some of the coolest places we wouldn’t ever know about otherwise.

7. Valerie – @biggalyoga


Valerie proves to us all that anyone can do yoga and look damn fine in the process. Her Instagram offers daily yoga challenges for beginners, and is all about having fun and loving yourself.

8. Hamish Blake – @hamishblakeshotz


If you like looking at photos of cute babies (and please, who doesn’t?), then Hamish is the guy to follow. This Aussie comedian will have you laughing with every pic he uploads, which isn’t only limited to his son’s adorable costumes.

9. Levo League – @levoleague


Levo League is a community of young professionals, and their Instagram account is all about inspiration and daily photos which will make you smile.

10. Jamie Milne and Greta Epstein – @cleaneatz


This Insta is just a huge amount of food porn which won’t leave you feeling guilty. It’ll have you craving a huge, fresh salad or a delicious sweet potato loaded up with veggies.

11. Jordan Ferney- @ohhappyday


This charming Instagram account is packed with amazing DIYs and cute home decorating ideas. It’ll have you itching to try out all of of the fun and colourful projects on offer.

12. David Frenkiel- @gkstories


Photos from this Instagram just make you want to move to a farm and eat delicious food for the rest of your life. Focusing on homely, nourishing meals, David and his family will take you on a food journey that you’ll never want to unfollow.

13. Beardoblack – @beardoblack


This man has the most glorious beard in the world, and can pull off a suit like no one else. His Insta is just a huge inspiration for pretty much every man ever.

14. Miann Scanlan – @miannscanlan


This Instagram is all about chilling out and finding your inner zen. A mix of peaceful beach shots and muted colours, Miann sends out peaceful vibes and happiness through her photos.

15. Chloe Morello- @chloemorello


This makeup vlogger from Sydney frequently updates her Instagram account with makeup tutorials, inspiration, and snaps of her daily life. Her detailed how-tos also include specific examples of makeup suggestions for different skin tones.

16. Teresa Cutter – @teresacutter_healthychef


This is the perfect selection of recipes and food inspo for anyone who has a sweet tooth but still wants to feel healthy. It is a delicious mix of beautiful food shots and inspired dishes using super fresh ingredients.

17. Manal – @naildecor


Nail polish grams are always awesome, but this particular artist uploads detailed video tutorials of all her colourful creations. They may look intricate and confronting, but most of the designs are actually a lot easier than they seem.

18. Apartment Therapy – @apartmenttherapy


Everyone goes through the phase of wanting to completely revamp your whole home, but sometimes it’s really not that easy to decide on what you want. Apartment Therapy provides heaps of awesome ideas for all different types of abodes.

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