25 Things Long Islanders Love

How many days until Ralph’s reopens?

1. Jones Beach shows.

2. Correcting anyone who says they’re “in” Long Island.

3. Trespassing on town beaches or parks after dark.

4. Parades.

5. Bonfires.

6. 24-hour diners.

7. And those diners’ murals, specifically.

My favorite diner mural in all the world. Hauppauge Palace Diner, NY.

— jetscott (@Scott Stein)

8. Taco Bell.

Good to get home to long island, see the family, and get some nice home coo…Taco Bell.

— k_ved (@kVd)

9. Daring friends to visit the Kings Park Psych Center.

10. Winking at that local love den. 😉 😉

What happens at the commack motor inn stays at the commack motor inn

— KevinBraun368 (@Kevin Braun)

11. Carvel, especially on Wednesdays.


Trying to explain to my friend who lives upstate why Long Island bagels are the best

— emilyblumm (@Emily Blum)

13. The Ducks.

My office for the day: Bethpage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks

— MikeGavin7 (@Mike Gavin)

14. And the Duck.

15. Going down with this “Brooklyn is on Long Island” ship.

Brooklyn is on Long Island. Look at a map.

— EliFisto (@Say Monster)

@porschhaaafan87 @JoeandEvan Brooklyn is on Long Island, and Barclays Center is 20 miles from Nassau Coliseum. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

— notaxation (@Colin Moriarty)

Fly Hat Ive had this for years truly reps Strong Island esp when Islanders moved to Bkln which IS LongIsland #doPEhat

— MrChuckD (@Chuck D)

16. Ironically (but also not) referring to it as “Strong Island.”

Strong Island to you, pally. “@VICE: Long Island’s Littlest Beauty Queenshttp://t.co/4WOnYYxFzL “

— mikeerrico (@Mike Errico)

17. Vineyard crawls.

18. Revisiting those old local emo favs.

19. Holding a steadfast allegiance to ~your~ parkway.

20. Spotting a Roosevelt Field cop on a segway.

21. The day Ralph’s Italian Ices opens for the season.

22. The Piano Man.

If you don’t blast Billy Joel in the car at least once a week, are you really from Long Island?

— DoseofVitaminGi (@Gianna Minogue)

23. The rare empty car on the LIRR.

24. Going ham on decorations.

25. And, of course, all those beautiful beaches.

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