5th grade teacher provides glimpse into the Common Core cult

David Karnoscak is a 5th grade teacher in Glenview, Illinois. As you can see, he loves Common Core. And, as he points out, nothing is more Common Core than the fascinating “anchor chart” above.

Here is some of the edu-gibberish that passes for deep thinking in the world of Common Core:

  • “What does communicating with others help me LEARN?”
  • “You can teach THEM something new!”
  • “We share ideas”
  • “You can give each other suggestions + feedback”
  • “Somebody can help you.”
  • “Makes learning more fun + interesting”
  • “Feedback gives me a good feeling.”

This stuff is so good it deserves a second tweet!

Naturally, Karnoscak has a lot of great questions about Common Core. Questions like this:

Yeah, get on that stat.

You may not understand a word he says. But among Common Core cultists, the guy makes perfect sense:


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