After Reading This, I Didn’t Feel Comfortable In My Own Body. This Is Just TOO Strange.

If you think about it, your body is a strange, mysterious machine. One day, you woke up with it. Then, you get to spend years living inside it and using it. Have you ever taken the time to really think about it and the different things that it does? Or how it makes you feel? Next, think about this place you live. Earth is a huge planet with countless undiscovered places. But, that huge planet is spinning in an endless void known as the Universe that we may never discover the secrets of. The more you think about things in life, the weirder everything will seem. These 17 things listed below are no exception. Once you think these things, you can’t un-think them.

1.) Have you ever thought about your digestive tract?

2.) Or making out with someone?

3.) Are rocks REALLY hard?

4.) But what if you don’t have kids?

5.) You’re a stranger to your parents.

6.) Sex is actually kind of weird.

7.) You may feel bad about using the toilet now.

8.) Owwww, my brain.

9.) Which day will be your last?

10.) Your cell phone is going to be laughed at.

11.) Did they mean to do that?

12.) Have you ever seen a sphere?

13.) Aw, adorable little arms.

14.) And some people can’t even do that.

15.) … but I love cheese..

16.) What’s under the water?

17.) Or by Russia?

(H/T BuzzFeed) The more you think about it… the weirder all of this seems. A lifetime could be spent pondering about the mysteries of life and the universe. Sometimes, it’s good to spend a while thinking about it and just move on. Otherwise, your head is going to really start hurting. Share these strange thoughts with others by clicking below. You’re going to blow their minds.

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