(PRWEB) February 9, 2003

GLENDALE, Az. – Feb. 7, 2003 — Brahman-Atman Yoga Arizona Sangha, a division of the nonprofit

organization Brahman-Atman Yoga (, has announced their plan to continually offer a free Brahm Dhyan Meditation class and club to all Arizonians. The offered meditation technique allows an individual to rise above the conflicts and stressing environments of daily life to feel bliss within. It is a most powerful technique of meditation, and can be mastered by anyone, and performed anywhere.

The monk who will be conducting the classes and guiding the club, is Swami Da Prem, the youngest American monk of Sanatan Dharma(Teachings of Eternal Truth). Swamis trace their lineage back to Adi Shankara Bhagavatpadal (traditionally 788-822 CE), the founder of the Swami Order. Although Swamiji has been instructing privately, he has now decided to teach publicly.

The Brahm Dhyan Meditation® technique that will now be freely taught by Swami Da Prem, is an ancient yogic technique that frees the mind from worldly trouble, allowing someone to experience true bliss from within. The technique also heightens one’s consciousness giving them the clarity and insight to make sound decisions in daily life. All those who practice Brahm Dhyan Meditation, will find increasing amount of joy in their lives, as their compassionate, loving qualities come forth inside and outside of meditation. As more and more people discover the profound effects of the aforementioned technique, it will seem to traverse the world quite rapidly.

Swami Da Prem says, “The meditator learns to focus his energy in one direction, he learns to really

concentrate. This concentration doesn’t only result in a blissed-out state, but it results in making one’s life successful.”

Beyond leading a more successful life, the meditator will also find more joy in all that life has to offer. That practictioner which keeps steady practice of this meditation will observe their personal, social and spiritual life improving.

People all over the world are beginning to realize eternal spiritual happiness, rather than temporary material happiness.

For more information on Brahm Dhyan Meditation, visit or call Swami Da Prem, who can be reached at the number given in the Contact Information.

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