Bill Maher implies conservatism causes Alzheimer’s disease

Always one to show good taste, Bill Maher took to  Twitter today to point out that both President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease — which therefore might mean that Alzheimer’s is caused by conservatism.

Of course, there’s no indication that Baroness Thatcher had Alzheimer’s. (She had dementia.) But when has Bill ever cared about facts … or decency?

Not funny in the least.…

— Jedediah Bila (@JedediahBila) April 12, 2013

Realizing his mistake, Maher quickly took back his offensive and deeply twisted statement. No, just kidding.

Sorry all offended by Thatcher tweet; what I meant was, we’ll never c another pol who combines WF Buckley’s wit and Dusty Springfield’s hair

— Bill Maher (@billmaher) April 12, 2013

Really, Bill? Not all of us can walk around wearing ferret pelts on our heads. (You started it.)

Also, don’t go ripping on Dusty Springfield, or we’ll spam you with “Son of a Preacher Man” YouTube clips for the next three days!

@billmaher Carter is sharp, compared to what?I can’t wait for Ex-Obama whining he isn’t POTUS.Will be funny

— Clarence Whorley (@ClarenceWhorley) April 12, 2013

@billmaher they at least used theirs while in power… Brains that is.

— Sean (@kiddstout69) April 12, 2013

@billmaher no, what you’re saying just sounds kind of dickish to Alzheimer sufferers & their families, conservative, liberal or otherwise

— Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan) April 12, 2013

@billmaher I usually like ur tweets but this one is the stupidest thing uve ever said.

— Surf Jones(@Surfjones77) April 12, 2013

@billmaher Your joke writers must have Alzheimer’s as you used to be sharp. #gamesetandmatch

— The Arquette Sisters (@ArquetteSisters) April 12, 2013

@billmaher What is your excuse, Bill? Scientific studies tell us sustained pot use causes permanent loss of IQ. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

— TakingHayekSeriously (@FriedrichHayek) April 12, 2013

@billmaher Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Clinton is not a liberal, and Carter is anything but sharp.

— Brian Stewart (@bstewart1776) April 12, 2013

@billmaher so’s Cheney … Like an icepick.

— JeanBolduc (@JeanBolduc) April 12, 2013

@billmaher just lost a fan, asshole. people dying is not funny, and neither is dementia. fucking christ man. have some respect.

— Frank Dakow (@FrankDakow) April 12, 2013

In all seriousness, political figures are fair game for satire. Alzheimer’s isn’t. Certain things really aren’t ever funny, and making fun of the disabled is near the top of that list.


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