Bob Beckel: Jon Lovitz is a ‘fat jerk’; Lovitz: ‘Who’s Bob Beckel?’!/Romans612/status/231144073136852992

Really? Really?

We haven’t seen Thursday’s episode of “The Five” yet, but according to some Twitterers, Bob Beckel had the staggering lack of self-awareness to slam comedian Jon Lovitz as a “fat jerk.” Evidently The King of All Jerks wasn’t ridiculed enough when he used the same line back in April.

@RobertGBeckel just called Jon Lovitz a "fat jerk". Hey Bob, check the mirror!!!!! #TheFive

— talkradio200 (@talkradio200) August 2, 2012

Pot, kettle, we trust you need no introductions.

Greg Gutfeld didn’t let the absurd dig slide.

Bob Beckel insulted @realjonlovitz on The Five today, then pouted like a baby when "matched."

— Laura (@ScarlettsGone) August 2, 2012

But here’s the best part: Lovitz responded on Twitter:

@Romans612: ROFL! Bob Beckel just called @realjonlovitz a fat jerk. #awkward #TheFive #tcot” Who's Bob Beckel? Never heard of him.

— Jon Lovitz (@realjonlovitz) August 2, 2012

And … Boom!

The Twitterverse was happy to answer Lovitz’s question.

@realjonlovitz Bob Beckel, is, well, a fat jerk. He's just projecting again… @Romans612

— Gaulois (@Le_Gaul) August 2, 2012

@realjonlovitz Bob Beckel is someone that needs to listen more and talk less. (And maybe take a peek a in a mirror.)

— StarFortress (@StarFortress) August 2, 2012

@realjonlovitz @Romans612 Beckel lecturing you on weight matters is like Courtney Love telling you how to raise your child…#teaparty

— US Historicus (@USHistoricus) August 2, 2012

@realjonlovitz @Romans612 That's actually quite funny, considering Beckel is well over 300LBS and he's the King of Jerks

— Tony Reynolds (@notarocketman) August 2, 2012

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