Could You Survive On Mars?

Are you willing to go without pizza, beer and Snapchat for the rest of your life?

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2. The first settlers on Mars are going to have to give up an awful lot of home comforts.

From phone calls home (there’ll be between 3 and 22 minutes delay on all communication) to going outside without a spacesuit on (the extremely thin atmosphere and radiation will make that impossible), the first astronauts to go to Mars will be missing out on a lot of what we take for granted on Earth. Could you hack it?

  1. Check everything you’d be willing to live without forever.

    1. 1 Beer.
    2. 2 Live television.
    3. 3 Pizza delivery.
    4. 4 A coffee from your favourite coffee shop.
    5. 5 Texting your friends.
    6. 6 Going outside.
    7. 7 Sex.
    8. 8 Going on holiday.
    9. 9 Swimming in the sea.
    10. 10 The gravitational pull of Earth.
    11. 11 The smell of freshly mown grass.
    12. 12 Phoning your mum.
    13. 13 Going to the park.
    14. 14 Feeling the wind through your hair.
    15. 15 Boat trips.
    16. 16 A planetary atmosphere perfect for keeping you alive.
    17. 17 Going to hospital if you break a bone.
    18. 18 Having children.
    19. 19 The smell of rain.
    20. 20 That feeling when you know a thunderstorm is coming but it’s not actually raining yet.
    21. 21 Netflix.
    22. 22 Snapchat.
    23. 23 Tinder.
    24. 24 Arguing with strangers on Twitter.
    25. 25 Any food that’s not freeze-dried or that you haven’t grown from scratch.
    26. 26 Everyone you know.
    27. 27 Everyone you love.
    28. 28 Everyone you’ve ever heard of.
    29. 29 Seeing Earth as something other than a tiny speck in the vast blackness of the night sky.
    30. 30 The internet.

Could You Survive On Mars?

  1. You like your home comforts (and basic human needs) far too much to ever leave the warm glow of Earth’s atmosphere. Snuggle up and stay cosy down here where the gravity is nice and strong.

  2. You’re pretty attached to a lot of things down here on Earth, but you’re also not *totally* against giving them up and heading out to the stars. If you do go, maybe wait until the first few human colonies are set up and they’ve figured out how to make Martian pizza.

  3. Congrats! You’re perfectly suited to being one of the first people on Mars! I hope you’re really sure about this though, because once you set off there’s no coming back. Ever.


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