Doctor of Alternative Medicine Seema Anand Explains DIY Approach to Health

NEW DELHI, India (PRWEB) January 14, 2015

What if you could be in charge of your own treatments and healing from ailments such as the common cold or cancer?     

For doctor of alternative medicine Seema Anand, self-healing is a possibility, and everyone has the power to control his or her health. Anand has been counseling, teaching and studying various methods of healing for more than 20 years and believes there doesn’t need to be a dependence solely on pharmaceutical treatments.

“The best healer for a person is themselves,” Anand said. “We have the power to heal ourselves, and that power can be greatly enhanced by various alternate modalities and tools, such as aromatherapy, color and sound.”

Anand has collected her approaches and instructions for treatment in her new book “The Alternate Healing Compendium.” The guide is designed to serve as a tool for self-healing, as it highlights common ailments, ranging from heart attacks and strokes to dyslexia and autism, and provides the steps for treatment that complement conventional medicine practices.

“There is no mystery about alternate modalities,” Anand said. “There is no ingestion of chemicals or a build up of toxins. The worst that can happen when using an alternate healing method is that the status quo is maintained; the best is that you are healed.”

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“The Alternate Healing Compendium”

By Seema Anand

ISBN: 9781452517179

Available in softcover, e-book

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and BalboaPress.

About the Author

Seema Anand is the founder and grandmaster of Look Beyond, a health and wellness company that provides classes, counseling and healing services. Anand is a doctor of alternative medicine specializing in clinical hypnotherapy, as well as a focus on a variety of healing modalities. She currently lives in New Delhi, India. For more information on Anand’s work, please visit

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