Donna Brazile didn’t like the Kia space babies ad

Democratic strategis Donna Brazile didn’t like Kia’s Super Bowl space babies ad. Neither did a few of her left-wing followers:

@donnabrazile That was Kia going for the Far Right buyer.

— Paul Arriola (@PArriola) February 4, 2013

That @superbowl @kia ad was cute… baby animals melt anyone’s heart…babies not so much.

— Aniece Meinhold (@EpicuriousChic) February 4, 2013

A lot of kid-friendly viewers disagreed, though. Cuteness got plenty of thumbs up:

Love this!Space Babies Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial… via @youtube

— Trisha (@AdelitasDarlin) February 4, 2013

“@jpmaheu: my son liked the baby Kia ad; it was cute” I agree: it was cute

— Tom Erkfitz (@tomerkfitz) February 4, 2013

Awe, how cute was that Kia Sorento space babies commercial? The babies cheeks jiggling when he’s in the space shuttle. : )

— Katy B. (@katygirldreamin) February 4, 2013

The Kia Sorento “Where Do Babies Come From” commercial was cute. Loved the dog in the space suit!

— Heather Johnson (@WifeOfAUSBCoach) February 4, 2013


More Abortions! RT @donnabrazileBaby ad… Give it a rest. #SuperBowlAd

— S.M (@redsteeze) February 4, 2013

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