Don’t Be One Of These 7 Types Of Internet Commenters. Unless You Want To Be Hated.

If you use the Internet often (as I certainly do), you’ll begin to notice that there are several kinds of online personalities that people adopt. No matter what people are like “in real life,” they tend to be slotted into a certain type of personality type when they interact with others online. Becoming someone else isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it is interesting to see how there are only a few “types” of people online. The personalities below (created by Dorkly) can be found in most comment sections on YouTube or social media. They might not all appear at once, but you’ll most certainly recognize them. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry… but most importantly, they’ll make you realize that so many people can be so strange when they’re hiding behind an anonymous screen name.

1.) He’s the one that’ll disagree just to disagree.

2.) And he thinks he is funny.

3.) You’re not gonna like this guy.

4.) Just reading her comments will make you feel like you have a computer virus.

5.) He is everywhere. He is sad.

6.) Oh, THIS guy.

7.) And finally, the creepy one.

The next time you go to comment on a cute video of a cat playing peekaboo on YouTube, remember the Seven Wonders Of The Comment Section. You’ll recognize them right away… and then you can have fun with them. Let people in on the secret by sharing this with others.

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