EastEssence.com Takes Pride in Announcing the 2015 Scholarship Winners

Milpitas, California (PRWEB) November 28, 2014

We live in a society where the importance of education cannot be denied. Education plays an important role in carving the future of an individual. EastEssence.com’s Scholarship Program is a boon for those students who are willing to take their education to the next level, but cannot pursue the same because of financial issues. EastEssence.com has been extending a helping hand to such students since a long time and has brought a ray of hope in the life of many individuals. Every year, EastEssence.com receives thousands of applications and after a proper scrutiny, the deserving candidates are awarded scholarships. Below mentioned are the objectives, qualification, eligibility criteria and last but not the least, the names of the 2015 scholarship winners.

Objectives of the program:

The Scholarship Program was created keeping in mind the higher education of students who are willing to study. Let us have a look at the core objectives of the program.

-Various students have an urge to study further, but they lose interest when they get a reality check about their financial conditions. The Scholarship Program is a medium to keep the interest of such students intact.

-Women are no longer considered feeble and this program gives every woman a chance to fulfill her dream of getting educated.

-There has been an alarming increase in the post school dropout rate of Muslim students. Through this Scholarship Program, EastEssence.com is making an attempt to increase the number of students who pursue their education.

-There is nothing better than the feeling of doing something for the community. The Scholarship Program is a part of the ‘giving back’ program initiated by EastEssence.com. This is an attempt to contribute towards the welfare of the students.


-The students applying for the program should have a proper understanding of the Scholarship Program. Also, they should be ready with a structured plan that can explain how their future study plans will support the objectives.

-Students need to exhibit that they are facing a financial crisis and have a motivation to study further. Moreover, to be a part of the program, they must display their professionalism, leadership skills and personal achievements.

-The students must make a choice in a Graduate or Post graduate field of study.


-The student applying must be either shortlisted or enrolled in a Graduate or a Post Graduate program.

-Those applying should ensure that in the upcoming summer or fall term, they will be a graduating high school senior and will be a part of the college freshman level. Other than this, they can currently be enrolled in college.

Winners of 2015 Scholarship Program

-Talha Khan

MD, Bachelors in Medicine, University of Nevada

-Gulam Chand

Masters in Computer Engineering, IIT

-Omnia Radwan

Masters in Communication Disorder, North Carolina Central University

-Aisha Ahmed

Bachelors of Science in Genetic cell/Biology, University of Minnesota

-Zoya Khan

Masters in Economics, Ontario Canada

-Samara Sheikh

Bachelors of Law, United Kingdom

-Khadija Solen

Masters in Business, Singapore

-Khadijah Brown

Bachelors in Psychology, Penn State University

-Maryam Sullivan

Master’s of Arts program at Regis University

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