India Enterprises to Increase Their ICT Budgets in 2014, According to Kable Report Published at

London, UK (PRWEB) June 26, 2014

At present, enterprises in India are increasingly looking to IT in a bid to support various challenges in their business operations. The country’s demand for emerging technologies like virtualization, cloud computing, and mobility for enhanced operational efficiency is following an upward trend. Growing mobile subscriber base coupled with high smartphone penetration and expanding usage of the mobile internet is driving the demand for enterprise mobility. Meantime, demand for cloud computing in India is spurred by such factors as cost reduction and also ease of maintenance. Moreover, Indian enterprises tend to make a particular focus on client computing equipment.

In 2014, the Indian enterprises are anticipated to remarkably increase their ICT budgets in software, IT services and hardware in comparison with 2013. In 2013, the local enterprises allocated the biggest proportion of their software budgets to the application lifecycle management sector; it was followed by information management and also enterprise applications.

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Report Details:

Title: ICT investment trends in India – Enterprise ICT spending patterns through to the end of 2015

Published: May, 2014

Pages: 57

Price:    US$ 2,995.00

The report presents a close look at the Indian ICT investment trends by providing access to the valuable findings from an all-round survey of 124 local enterprises regarding their ICT investments. Besides, it examines the core technologies the local companies are investing in, including cloud computing, business intelligence, mobility and green IT and virtualization, among others. The topical study scrutinizes how the country’s enterprises currently allocate their ICT budgets across the key areas of enterprise ICT (IT services, hardware, software, consulting and communications); touches upon the main approaches used by the Indian enterprises to purchase technologies. The topical report presents a comprehensive overview of the ICT vendors and providers, sheds light on the main drivers of the Indian enterprises ICT investments. In addition, the research report thoroughly discusses the possible changes in the Indian enterprises’ ICT budget allocations as well as ICT priorities in the short-run.

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    Enhance your understanding of the Indian enterprises’ ICT landscape and also get a clear idea of its possible changes through 2014.
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    Find out about the current ICT strategic objectives of the local enterprises.
    Receive a holistic view of the main factors having influence of the Indian enterprises’ decision to choose an ICT provider.
    Become abreast of the key business and IT objectives the local enterprises are looking forward to achieve with the help of their ICT investment strategies.

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