#NBCFail: Boobage edition

Oh dear Lord. NBC’s Olympic-scale naked incompetence continues to be put on full display. Today, the goofplagued network slipped up when it showed a Spanish water polo player’s breast.

i thought womens vball showed the most skin but womens waterpolo NBC just showed some Spaniard boob haha

— Joe Hale (@JoeHale1) August 1, 2012


After taking heat for airing events on a tape delay, NBC decided to give live coverage a try. Whoops.

A pair of vigilant Twitterers grabbed shots of the bathing suit malfunction:

@stoolpresidente @Barstool_Sports. Did you see the side boob from the usa spain womens water polo pic.twitter.com/OPONtoCZ

— Harsh Truth (@RudeDamnTweet) August 1, 2012

Hey, at least the logo’s in the right place this time!


NBC totally just showed a full boob from the underwater cam of water polo. When you know the girls rip each others suits off check the tape

— Hayden (@HaydenThaRippa) August 1, 2012

I'm pretty sure NBC just showed some boob during the women's water polo game.

— Chilli (@GutterIsATool) August 1, 2012

NBC just showed full boob with nipple during women's water polo. My new favorite Olympic event.

— Chad Chaviers (@Chadchaviers) August 1, 2012

Anyone see the side boob from the womens water polo spain v. Usa? Let's see the suit grabbing underwater and …oops….way to go @nbc

— Kyle Pellerin (@Kyle_Pellerin) August 1, 2012

Oh, Jeebus. We just saw nipple and boob on #NBC. Those water polo girls get a little grabby with those suits. #Olympics #yikes #helloFCC

— Brandon Walker (@sleepyat830) August 1, 2012

New band name: "The Underwater Boobs" RT @tyduffy: NBC Showed an Underwater Boob During Olympic Women’s Water Polo

— Jay Onrait (@JayOnrait) August 1, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we have #NBCFail:

But it happens so fast on live TV. Wait. It was NBC? Never mind @tyduffy: NBC Showed an Underwater Boob During Olympic Women’s Water Polo

— Ron Wadden (@Ron_Wadden) August 1, 2012

Here comes 100% tape-delay #NBCfail MT London Olympics: NBC Aired A Bare Boob During Live Coverage [NSFW] – @Deadspin http://t.co/tdrBzzos

— lance newman (@engineerhunter) August 1, 2012

Home for lunch watching USA Women's Water Polo match and NBC replayed twice a swim suit being grabbed in slow motion, and there is a boob.

— Robb T. Falana II (@TheRobbF2) August 1, 2012

just when you think NBC was getting better by airing live olympics, they fail by making it delayed again because a boob was shown.

— chris cruz (@NerdyCruz) August 1, 2012

Yeah NBC just nationally broadcast a waterpolo girls boob being pulled out of her suit.. Keeping it classy

— Danger Dane (@OkDangerDane) August 1, 2012

…and NBC freaks out because a boob flies out in water polo… THREE DAYS AGO

— Matt Jordan (@PressboxMJ) August 1, 2012


Once wasn’t enough, though. Apparently, NBC broadcast yet another shot of an American player’s exposed breast:

#NBC just did it again! Another boob shot of a #USA player, this time they left the camera on her longer.

— Kris Kepler (@kriskepler) August 1, 2012

Guess NBC is an equal-opportunity offender. Sheesh.

So NBC broadcast underwater footage of a boob during water polo. I don't get the big deal about showing a boob, they already show Bob Costas

— Matt English (@matttomic) August 1, 2012


We have officially seen the nipple on NBC’s soul!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/01/nbcfail-boobage-edition/

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