New York mag’s headline overlooks imaginary status of Cory Booker’s friend

You might not be reading about Senate candidate Cory Booker’s imaginary friend on BuzzFeed any time soon, but New York Magazine decided the news that Booker’s friend T-Bone doesn’t actually exist was worth a post. From the headline alone, though, you’d think the big scandal is that there’s a drug dealer in Newark, N.J., and the amiable Cory Booker isn’t friends with him.

New York Booker headline

The fact that Booker isn’t friends with T-Bone because T-Bone does not exist is mentioned in the following paragraph. Fortunately, the Star-Ledger has picked up the story, likely in part because Booker told the paper in 2007 that T-Bone “is 1,000 percent a real person.”

Here’s a fun game to play while we wait to see who else picks up on the story.!/dblozik/status/373193453762797568!/senorlamella/status/373194827539570688

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