#ObamaDebatePrep: Conservatives speculate about how Obama’s psyching himself up for tonight’s debate

Tonight is the final presidential debate, and there’s no doubt that Obama’s got a lot riding on his performance. After he completely blew the first debate and whined his way through the second, he can’t afford to miss anything tonight. So, what do he and his crackerjack team have in their arsenal for this go-round? Conservatives shared some ideas:

#ObamaDebatePrep Counting how many times his administration blamed the video so he can attack Mitt when he gets it wrong

— MrBroes (@mrbroes) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Conference call with MSNBC.

— Demetrius Minor (@dminor85) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep figuring out how to once again send a thrill up Chris Matthews’ leg.

— Whitney(@WhitneyHunt1129) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Remind viewers of Nobel Peace Prize, ‘cuz Romney doesn’t have one. #tcot

— Janesville Jedi (@JanesvilleJedi) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep figure a way to kill bin-laden again

— Brigid Ketner (@BrigidKetner) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Look for opportunities to complain about not having enough time to answer the question, and still not answer the question.

— Candice (@CandiLissa) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Making sure Schieffer has all the transcripts he needs in advance.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep – Stop reading polls and take an extra dose of Maalox

— I Am Bush’s Fault (@cantrellr) October 22, 2012

Pretend you know where Libya is.#ObamaDebatePrep

— Deb McKay (@McDebida) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep : Finalize those weekend BBQ plans with @bobshieffer . Remind Bob how much I love his moms coleslaw recipe.

— uberSmart (@FlyOverVoter) October 22, 2012

Asking UN to monitor the situation, ensure that that Scheiffer doesn’t “Cross the line” #ObamaDebatePrep

— Robert Laurie (@RobertLaurie) October 22, 2012

UN involvement? That’s not so farfetched.

#ObamaDebatePrep Practice filibuster by saying “uh, uh, uh, now now, now, uhhh” whenever Romney is about to make a point that will nail you

— D.M. Hawkins (@HawkinsUSA) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Lie, Deny, REPEAT

— K. C. (@3940EagleDude) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep writing the names of the 4 bumps on the road on the back of his hand so he can remember their names….

— MicroMegas (@MicroMegas99) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Memorize a list of people and agencies to blame. Hillary, CIA, State Department, and best of all George Bush

— Raging Maharaja (@911fnp) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep You know how he do…Trapper Keepers fulla’ Rev. Wright sermon transcripts

— RJ Moeller (@rjmoeller) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrepfinally finishing that waffle from 2008

— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep– Checking rules to see if it’s absolutely mandatory to show up.

— Greggers (@playbyplayman) October 22, 2012

“Pah-kee-stohn … Pah-kee-stohn … Pah-kee-stohn …” #ObamaDebatePrep

— Mattphilbin (@Mattphilbin) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Finding a way to segue from the Iranian nuclear threat to the threat to Big Bird @michellemalkin @twitchyteam

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) October 22, 2012

Thinking up stories to substitute for real answers.#Obamadebateprep

— Meanest Squirrel (@meanestsquirrel) October 22, 2012

#ObamaDebatePrep Make sure to look foward. #tcot

— Janesville Jedi (@JanesvilleJedi) October 22, 2012


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