Ouch! ‘We’ve had enough Bushes’: Blunt Barbara Bush blows off talk of Jeb 2016

On Today, Barbara Bush says Jeb is the most qualified man for WH, but “we’ve had enough Bushes.” “There are other families.” hopes he passes

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) April 25, 2013

We love a lady who’s not afraid to speak her mind! On Thursday morning, former first lady Barbara Bush told Matt Lauer she’s not too keen on seeing Jeb Bush — or any other Bush — in the Oval Office.

Matt Lauer: Would you like to see Jeb run? Barbara Bush: no newsroom: (gasps) #JansingCo

— Jansing & Co. (@JansingCo) April 25, 2013

Barbara Bush says she does NOT want Jeb to run in 2016 (or ever?). Seemed to catch the other Bush women off guard on @todayshow

— Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) April 25, 2013

“He’s by the far the best qualified man, but no.” -former first lady Barbara Bush on whether she wants her son Jeb to run.

— TODAY(@todayshow) April 25, 2013

“We’ve had enough Bushes.” -former first lady Barbara Bush on whether her son Jeb should/will run for president in 2016

— TODAY(@todayshow) April 25, 2013

Barbara Bush on whether Jeb should run: “No…. There are other families”

— Shirley Zilberstein (@SZilberstein) April 25, 2013

Amen. There are other families. But no need to push one particular family in that direction.

I agree w/ Barbara Bush, there ARE other families.Say, for instance, the Clinton Family!

— Tiffany Mosley (@magster1203) April 25, 2013


Nice! Mrs. Bush also reportedly took a shot at other political families.

Full barbara bush quote is really something.More talented ppl in the country than in just “four families.”

— jmartpolitico (@jmartpolitico) April 25, 2013

Barbara comment also aimed at Clintons — time to give other families a shot.

— jmartpolitico (@jmartpolitico) April 25, 2013

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