Paper Bugs Make A Beautiful Statement About The Possibilities, Of Recycling.

Paper company IGEPA Benelux is working on a line of recycled paper as beautiful as it is environmentally friendly. They partnered with Belgian advertising company Soon to create a clever and work-intensive project for the product’s release.

The Soon team sorted, measured, cut, folded, and glued the brightly-colored papers into these amazing insect sculptures. Each one is a bit larger than the average human hand and covered in amazing detail. Most importantly, they made each bug using reclaimed paper from magazines, catalogues, and other printed materials. The Soon team also created a little paper habitat for the bugs, complete with leaves and flowers.    

The completed brochure, featuring the insects and their world on the cover.

These bugs showcase the many options we have when it comes to recycling and reusing materials. They’re also something fun to do with old paper goods.

IGEPA Benelux’s recycled line will be released via a brochure featuring the insects. The brochure also provides potential customers with samples of the paper, and explains why recycled paper is an important step in ecological conservation. 

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