She Spent Two Weeks Making This For Her Grandpa’s Birthday. How It Turned Out Is Just…Wow.

Savannah Burgess is a young artist who designs tattoos for people, as well as both ballpoint pen and digital portraits.

Recently, the 18-year-old decided that she wanted to give her grandfather something special for his upcoming birthday, so she started working on a huge drawing for him, all painstakingly hand-drawn with a ballpoint pen. Seeing how her grandfather is a big college football fan she decided the theme of the drawing should be all the animal mascots of the Southeastern Conference teams.

Here are pictures of the entire process as well as daily entries on what she did that day, all in her own words:

Day 1: Sketch – Rough placement of the elephant, the first element of the piece.

Day 1: Elephant – Started to lay in the skin and texture it.

Day 1: Elephant (cont) – Got lots of the elephant done on day one.

Day 2: Gamecock – Did a little more of the elephant and layered over the rooster.

Day 2: Gamecock (cont) – Textured the wing of the rooster.

Day 3: Lots of feathers – Began by adding texture to the bird and elephant trunk.

Day 3: Lots of feathers (cont) – Ended the day with a good chunk of work done.

Day 4: Tiger – Spent all day working on the tiger.

Day 5: Gator – Today I worked on the alligator.

Day 5: Gator (cont) – Drew in the gator’s hind leg.

Day 6: More tiger – Finished the rooster and worked quite a bit on the tiger’s face.

Day 7: Elephant foot – Focused on the elephant today.

Day 7: Trunk – Finished up the trunk/ears/face of the elephant + alligator front foot.

Day 8: Back to the gator – Top half of the piece is almost completely finished!

Day 8: Football – Threw in the centerpiece of the project and called it a night.

Day 9: Bulldog – Began the GA bulldog.

Day 9: Continued – His face was quite a challenge.

Day 9: Closeup – Took a detail shot of the finished section because I was excited with the progress.

Day 10: Hog – Began the razorback boar and tiger paw.

Day 10: Continued – More boar.

Day 10: Continued – Finished up the day’s work by adding finishing touches to the pig’s head.

Day 11: Coonhound – Worked on the bluetick’s head today.

Day 12: Last day of work – With winter break being relatively short in relation to how long it takes to make pieces like this, I was forced to put many many hours of work in per day.

Day 12: Continued – Finished the project by working from morning to night. Very happy with the results.

Day 12: Bindi – Bindi was once again a big help through the process. 🙂

The final piece.

If you like that, make sure to check out Savannah’s Facebook page and her store on Etsy, where you can buy this print and many others.

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