Small biz owners: ‘Closing up shop,’ and ‘can’t afford to stay in business’

As Twitchy has reported, the layoff bomb has detonated. Small business owners relayed their heartbreak over having to lay off employees, due to the crushing finanical burden of Obamacare. Large businesses are contemplating cutting workers’ hours and hiring freezes. Small businesses are doing the same.

People everywhere are closing up shop on small biz. laying off employees. Ending their medical practice. #obama2012

— Sunny(@lilmsunshne) November 8, 2012

I think we will have a record of lay offs and business’ closing up shop before January. Welcome to Obamas new normal.

— Rockermom (@therockermom) November 9, 2012

And they are being attacked for it. Threats of boycotts have been spewed. Because, you know, that totally helps the employees whose hours keep being cut due to business-crushing Obama policies. Other businesses have been attacked as racist or as un-American. For struggling to remain in business.

Now, small business owners on Twitter, and their loved ones, report further devastation. Countless small businesses are now forced to close their doors. Here are just a few of the heartbreaking stories.

So sad, our diner in business for over 35 years just posted a sign of impending closure. They can’t afford to stay open, 23 employees

— L.B. (@sassylassee) November 11, 2012

Son just came home w/ the news the small business he works4 maybe closing its doors due2the overwhelming cost of ocare. #morejobslost.

— joe spa (@wophopper) November 12, 2012

Because of Obamacare we are officially closing the doors of our company effective today.

— OCMama Patriot (@OCMamaPatriot) November 12, 2012

Well I’ll be shutting my shop down soon. Can’t afford to stay in business with everything thats about to hit the fan.

— My name is (@EdDonnell) November 7, 2012

@doris22 Things aren’t looking up here, so prepare yourself.I know half a dozen small biz owners closing up shop now.

— D.T. Dickinson (@dtdickinson) November 9, 2012

@divadoll123 3 small business owners told me they were closing by year’s end. Can’t afford to stay in business w/ new year’s policies

— Reb (@elbowpickle) November 7, 2012

@bushido02 my biz friends are closing up shop or not hiring & trying to do it all themselves! We can not afford their free healthcare

— Angela Louise(@Pinkmoondesigns) November 8, 2012

Caller on Glenn Beck just said he’s “done” having a business. He’s tired of fighting against govt regs – closing up shop this year.

— Rochelle (@rbostick12) November 7, 2012

@thesavvy My Dad is closing his business for good tomorrow. When you already pay 70% in taxes you can’t see paying MORE.

— Kelly Clinger (@kellyclinger) November 9, 2012

My most FAVORITE mechanic is closing shop because he can’t afford @barackobama‘s obamacare!! Thanks Mr. President for closing small business

— Lauren (@laurenhdz) November 10, 2012


— gmg1961 (@Aquarius1961) November 7, 2012

Some #consumers are being informed of cancelled appointments due to businesses closing up shop after re-election. #HVAC hang in there!!

— CardinalAir Services (@CardinalAirServ) November 8, 2012

@conservative_vw How Can They Stay in Business.Huge Plant…even they can’t afford OC and O.

— TS1776frdm (@S1776frdm) November 9, 2012

@govmikehuckabee It’s hard not to lose hope as Obama & Jerry Brown policies are closing my CA business at the end of this month. Now what?

— Kevin Farley (@KFarleyDVT) November 7, 2012

@hoperealtor Same here – last week we had to let all our employees go – this week, my husband is closing down our small business. THE END.

— Nikita (@RottiePrincess) November 7, 2012

I’m done folks. Won’t be a slave. Closing my business (permanently laying off 4 employees); wife & I will live off investments. #Shrugged

— Tom Burke (@tom4liberty) November 7, 2012

@thehermancain *I want to thank Obamination, Gov Brown & hostile CA business environment for my business closing after Thanksgiving weekend!

— Kevin Farley (@KFarleyDVT) November 7, 2012

@casey_peters Nice thought, but my business & my husband’s business is now done.Our last hope was Romney win. Closing doors/laying off

— MLS (@VAMOM2) November 7, 2012

My optometrist and chiropractor told me they’ll be closing their business if ObamaCare passed. Cooooool

— Josh Adams(@JoshIsKoo) November 7, 2012

Breaking news: If Obama wins, he will receive 60% of my fam business’ income. In other words, closing time. Way to stimulate the economy ass

— McCall Hedrick (@B_McCallie) November 7, 2012

@aldridgegal5135 @seanhannity – As I said a month ago. My dad is closing his business of 35 years.

— Bill Sorrell (@Dzydvl) November 7, 2012

@lefth00k I have been sitting on things for the last four years. I’m closing my business

— PMAmerica (@ConstLover777) November 7, 2012

@delawarechai I’m closing down my business. More lost jobs.

— Winston Churchill (@lonemusketeer) November 7, 2012

Just finished talking with my business partner, we will retire. It is a small business and will advise employees we are closing by year end.

— jj(@jjblazereader) November 7, 2012

My hairdresser & her husband closing up shop at end of lease (Feb) instead of retiring in 5 yrs.She said not worth it w/ #Obama reelected.

— Janey S. (@cuppatea156) November 9, 2012

I consider closing what is left of my business tomorrow. I see no need of continuing to build up debt hoping for a turn in the economy.

— Larry McEver (@LMack49) November 7, 2012

In six hours, one of my best friends will tell his employees he’s closing his business after 35 years because he can’t afford #Obamacare.

— The_Monarch (@The_Monarch) November 7, 2012

@pac43 my husband has a small business that will be closing at the end of the year because of the election.

— Carolyn H. (@sweety125) November 8, 2012

@shurst721 my parents closing shop on the15th, 36 years in business in Cincinnatithanks Obama for the great economy!!!!!

— Chris Losekamp (@Chris24JGordon) November 8, 2012

I planned for poss Obama win. Closing my business. Started informing clients today. Will wind down by yrs end. I will not feed Obama’s beast

— Deborah Smith (@ms_debsmith) November 7, 2012

@ticktockvint I know it:( My family has been in business over 50 yrs, but closing Jan due to the economy. Sad to lose a true quality company

— Lyndsey (@hellolyndsey) November 9, 2012

My friend is closing her very successful small business after 18 years. One of many Obamacare casualties.

— KRenner (@KRenner2) November 8, 2012

Guy came in my office yesterday distraught! Cancelled his insurance policy. Closing business. Can’t fight Gov anymore. 15 unemployed #tcot

— Leslie (@LeslieMcArno) November 8, 2012

The small business my son works at (5 ee’s) will be closing at year end.He’s had enough.

— Vibora Volando (@vibora_volando) November 8, 2012

@ron_rosenbaum $250k plus salary from my business…closing the business (17 jobs gone).But since Obama built it…

— Jack Thomas (@the1426) November 7, 2012

My ancestors came here 375 years ago from England. Now we are closing all our business, lay of 267 people and go back to UK. #AmericaLost

— Billy Boylston (@BillyBoylston) November 7, 2012

A local business is closing down in my hometown; everything must go. The energy in the building was crushing.

— ♢ (@LAUXURON) November 9, 2012

Love my red county in NJ but we r closing our business of 25 years. Can no longer afford to work. Any suggestions of red states to move to?

— Kristin Buxton (@kbux1229) November 8, 2012

@dloesch I’m closing my businessthis week for good. At least I can walk away not owing

— Patricia Berdin (@trishander) November 8, 2012

@cachypie two of my friends are either closing down their business or laying off workers soon

— Gymhero27 (@gymfreak232) November 8, 2012

The heartbreak is palpable. The devastation is overwhelming. People have worked so hard all their lives in order to build businesses and employ others. And now it’s gone. The sad reality is that President Obama and his policies have destroyed these small businesses.

I’m so sad my work is closing down after 20 years of business. I got this with my paycheck 💔😢…

— Rachel P(@itssrachelann) November 8, 2012

The Left would demonize that company, too. They clearly value and love their employees. Heartbreaking. And the heartache will just keep coming.

When small business thrives, we all do. When small business suffers, we all do.

— LisainDallas (@LisainDallas) November 12, 2012

Our future MT @talkmaster Email from my long-time doctor in Atlanta this morning. Closing up shop. Retiring. ObamaCare. #tcot

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) November 8, 2012

Are you listening, “leaders?” We know President Obama isn’t. Talk to the hand, business owners. You didn’t “build that” anyway.

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