Step Inside Any Of These 25 Places… If You Have The Guts. They’re Fascinating Nightmares.

Each day we are distracted by our own lives, too busy to notice what is going on around us. However, most people aren’t disturbed by the chaos. Instead, we only feel fear when there is utter, terrible silence. Stillness is unnerving, not chaos. That’s probably why abandoned buildings, former hotspots of humanity, are so intriguing. It’s addictive to think about the lives that passed through these doors, only to eventually move on and forget.

1.) Reflections at an abandoned institution.

2.) A bus being silently overcome by Mother Nature.

3.) This quiet old mill, nestled in the Bavarian Forest in Germany.

4.) Sand dunes that have overtaken houses in Southern Namibia, Africa.

5.) A cold and desolate mine in Wales.

6.) Santa Maria della Pietà, Abruzzo Italy.

7.) A chilling ghost town in Megargel, Texas.

8.) A fairy door, tucked away in Calcata, Italy.

9.) The stern and haunting School for Girls in New York.

10.) The abandoned Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.

11.) The beautiful and isolated Bokor Mountain church in Cambodia.

12.) This abandoned steel mill control room from Detroit, Michigan.

13.) The majestic Kilchurn castle in Loch Awe, Scotland.

14.) An abandoned Chevrolet truck, abandoned in the middle of a forest.

15.) St. Bonaventure Church in Philadelphia.

16.) This swiftly abandoned beach volleyball arena from the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

17.) A beautiful stained glass window in Belgium, made more beautiful when humans left.

18.) An abandoned power plant’s control room.

19.) The eerie Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria, at the Balkan Mountains.

20.) Hotel Del Salto in San Antonio del Tequendama, Colombia.

21.) The Dunlewy Church ruins, overlooking the Poisoned Glen in Ireland.

22.) This bright, but strange, abandoned yellow house in Nova Scotia.

23.) A rusting schoolhouse, sitting abandoned in the countryside.

24.) The overgrown Nupstadur Farm in Iceland.

25.) An old Graphotype machine found in an abandoned hospital in California.

Life will pass all of us by in just a blink, but the legacies we build on this earth will stay behind us as a monument to our lives. That’s what each of these images are, a testament to what life used to be like for others. It’s something we can only dream about. Source: Reddit Share these beautiful, but strange, pictures with others.

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