The 25 Most Important Style Lessons We Learned From The Disney Channel

That outfit is SO Raven.

1. If people don’t recognize your star power, wear it on your chest.

Disney /



Pair with a massive leather headband or orange pants to convince people that you definitely dress yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid to mix trends. All of them. At once.

Disney /

Who says crop tops, batwing sleeves, sequins, and polka dots don’t go together?

3. Worried you might rip your sweater? Incorporate 1,000 small pieces of yarn into your outfit for a quick fix.

Disney /

Make sure they’re multicolored so you can help your friends too.

4. You’ll never be bored when your clothes double as entertainment, like this word search shirt.

Disney /

She’s already found “eyesore” and “hot mess.”

5. If you’re feeling chilly but still want to look chic, try layering a dust ruffle over your cardigan.

Disney /

Plus you’ll save money by letting your interior designer double as you stylist.

6. There’s no such thing as too much pink.

Disney /

Or too much faux fur.

7. Seriously.

Disney /

You can squeeze in more pink by using your blush as foundation.


Disney /

If you don’t look like the lovechild of Pepto Bismol and Barbie why are you even wearing clothes?

9. You can double the size of your head with perfectly placed pigtails.

Disney /

No one will ever see the faces of the unimportant plebs behind you again.

10. Or go the mad scientist route with four pigtails.

The haggard goth/researcher look is so on-trend right now.

11. Chest-claces are all the rage!

Disney /

Why should your neck have all the fun? Your boobs need accessories too!

12. Basically, any time you’re out of ideas, take what’s on your neck and put it somewhere else.

13. If you find a scrap of fabric on the ground, stitch it into your outfit. Immediately.

And be sure to color coordinate with your boo.

14. Redefine the meaning of street style by wearing a graffitied wall on your torso.

Class it up with a red faux fur collar for the ultimate high art/low art look.

15. Argyle is so dull. Why not spice things up with GIANT ARGYLE?

Disney /

Or, if you’re a laid-back type trying to look more extreme, go with fiery flowers on a Hawaiian shirt.

16. Can’t decide between crimps or curls? Do both.

And throw in a bead or two because why the fuck not?

17. If you’re the forgetful type, use your clothes as a notepad for your grocery lists.

Disney /

If you run out of room in your shopping cart, use your hat to store herbs.

18. Hats are always a good idea. Try blinding people with a sparkly hat.

Disney /

That way people will have to rely on their sense of touch to feel how fabulous your velour jumpsuit is!

19. Or reminding them of their childhood with a lego-esque knitted beanie.

Now with air holes, so your skull can finally breathe!

20. If you’re feeling lackluster in your headgear, add a delicate scarf for a touch of whimsy.

21. Let your hair be your personal cheerleader by adding pompoms to your spider leg braids.

22. Display your love of animals by cutting up a pillow case and hanging it off your shoulders.

Disney /

Nothing says “majestically feminine” like a pink horse.

23. Just remember, if people can still see…

24. … or hear after catching a glimpse of your outfit…

Disney /

25. … you’re doing fashion wrong.

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