Twitter hashtag game, #FirstDraftMovieTitles

Twitter is having fun making up names for movies before they were changed to a better title.

Some of the hits:

Edward Spatulahands #FirstDraftMovieTitles

— irene haralabatos (@rini6) April 5, 2012!/JoshOronce/status/187750513985597440!/YippieKiYayMFer/status/187750487699898369

What Men Think Women Want #FirstDraftMovieTitles

— viski bazilynski (@Viskibazilynski) April 5, 2012

#FirstDraftMovieTitles The Girl With The Hello Kitty Tattoo

— A.J. Theiss (@DaTheissIsRight) April 5, 2012

#FirstDraftMovieTitles Ferris Bueller's Momentary Vacation From The Education System

— jessica rand (@jessicalynnrand) April 5, 2012

#FirstDraftMovieTitles Harry Potter and The Deathly Swallows

— How To Dress Well (@WeIlDressed) April 5, 2012

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Ikea #FirstDraftMovieTitles

— Tracy Lea Carnes (@tracyleacarnes) April 5, 2012!/JoshOronce/status/187751406676082688

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