‘Unbelievable!’ WH issues World War II memorial ransom note (Bonus pic)

Deputy press secretary Eric Schultz didn’t answer that question. But he did weigh in for the White House on the disgraceful government shutdown barricades blocking World War II veterans from visiting the memorial on the National Mall. Shorter White House? It would be a shame if anything happened to memorials …


Citizens are rightly disgusted and are taking the White House to task:

Yep! All the disgraceful cries of GOP hostage-holders from the Democrats? Clearly it was projection, as always.

Yep, he is blathering on and digging a deeper hole.


Just when you think the Obama administration can’t sink any lower, they do. Holding memorials for our national heroes for ransom? Can it get any lower than that? What a disgrace.

For shame.

This Twitter user brings it all home with some exit photo-snark:

Boom! It would be funny, if it wasn’t shamefully true.


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