What Happened In This Office War Is Of Epic Proportions. I Love It.

No offense, and I really mean that, but if you write passive aggressive notes, I just have like zero respect for you. If you can’t like, you know, be all direct and forward with people then you, this is just my guess here, really need to be more mature. If that’s what you think you want to do, of course. … or whatever.

Just because you don’t partake in Post-It passive aggression, doesn’t mean you’re free from their unassertive wrath–even in so-called “professional” environments. Take a look at this series of notes that was spotted by the team at CollegeHumor. You won’t believe how ridiculous it gets or how quickly it gets there. Check it out!

And so it begins…

That escalated quickly.

No! Not HR! I’m shaking in my boots. We’re allowed to say “boots” here, right?

That sandwich looks pretty good, but is it worth all of the fuss?

Apparently it is.

The suspense is really starting to get to me.

Here HR comes to save the day!

Or not.

They would have been better off asking for another $10 bill.

You. Monster.


Weep we will.

Never underestimate a salaried employee!

If only they spent as much time on their apologies as they did on their threats.

(via CollegeHumor)

Yikes. With co-workers like that, who needs enemies? Sandwiches are precious things that shouldn’t be tampered with.

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